Copywriting, Digital Publishing, Internet Marketing for Elections

Another enlightening session with the Oahu Online Entrepreneurs. We talked about product launches, digital publishing, and more.


A dropout’s guide to becoming a kick-ass copywriter — A copywriter shares his favorite podcast interviews from the “I Love Marketing” podcast. Guest include Tim Ferriss, Frank Kern and Dan Kennedy.

 Stop selling and start telling — how clarity trumps persuasion in getting sales — The Information Highwayman shows copywriting examples that work and don’t work.

Digital Publishing

Print publishing is dying. But how do you make a digital publication thrive online?  Here are some case studies.

The Atlantic: How one magazine became profitable by putting “digital first” — An interesting example of a magazine that was failing, then turned itself around by embracing the Internet.

This is how you make something go viral: an impractical guide — The celebrity gossip website Gawker implemented a “traffic whore model,” whereby one writer would be assigned to find viral videos, embarrassing photos of famous people, etc. to use as linkbait and drive pageviews.  Originally intended as a rotating assignment, Gawker eventually hired a full-time blogger to “cover the Internet.”  That blogger wrote this guide for how he discovers and curates viral content.

BuzzFeed, the ad model for the Facebook era? — This website was started by Jonah Peretti, a professor who wanted to research how things go viral. The site evolved into a hot startup, feeding the content that people love to share on social networks.

By this point you might despair that the only way to succeed is posting up mindless stuff to grab traffic. These publishing startups offer some rays of hope.

With The Atavist, reading goes to great lengths — A Wired magazine writer and his editor came up with the idea of producing long-form articles with multimedia extras, that could be viewed on tablets and e-readers.

Byliner: A discovery engine for narrative nonfiction — What if there was a website for people who loved to read long articles? Where you could find the best articles from the best magazines easily?  That’s Byliner.

Internet Marketing for Elections

After the recent elections, it’s worth taking a look at how Internet marketing was a factor. Politics aside, let’s stick to analyzing the marketing and see what we can learn.

Is Obama an e-mail spammer? A hilarious take by The Daily Show:

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The A/B Test: Inside the technology that’s changing the rules of business — This fantastic article in Wired magazine goes behind-the-scenes of the Obama campaign to see how A/B testing (a.k.a. “split testing”) played a role in the election.  Landing pages, body copy and conversion rates were the elements of winning more voters.

When the nerds go marching in — An in-depth Atlantic article about how a dream team of tech experts from Google, Facebook and Twitter built the technology for the Obama campaign.

5 E-mail marketing lessons from the Obama campaign — A nice breakdown of the different approaches used effectively to win in voters’ inboxes.

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