How to Get More Customers: Lead Generation Blueprint for Local Businesses

One of the things I love about the Oahu Online Business meetup group is when a member receives a lot of great advice from fellow members on how to boost his business. We’ve got a smart and generous community.

For example, we had a new member named Matt who was planning to start a limo company. He was open to suggestions, and boy did he get it. Let’s get into it. Continue reading

Success Stories: People Like You Who Earn an Income on the Internet

In my last post, Basic Training for Online Entrepreneurs, I shared resources for getting started. One of the hardest things is staying motivated. Maybe you run into technical problems, or sometimes get so discouraged that you want to give up.

As a follow-up, I thought it would helpful to share inspiring stories of online entrepreneurs. Many of them weren’t natural-born techies who were programming in preschool. Instead, they took their expertise and transferred it onto the Internet. Or even re-invented themselves doing something different online.

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