WordPress Security, Video Marketing, Outsourcing, and More

We had a good turnout at Oahu Online Entrepreneurs meetup last night. A couple of small business owners shared strategies for succeeding online.  Here’s what they talked about.

WordPress Security

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort building your website. However, the work isn’t over yet. Hackers will start trying to break into your website and do damage. Here’s how to stop them.

WordPress End-User Security (video) — Dre Armeda, founder of security company Sucuri.net, gave this presentation at WordCamp Chicago. This is the best, most extensive treatment I’ve seen on the subject.

Here are some of my favorite WordPress security plugins:

WordPress Firewall 2 — Detects and blocks cyber-attacks.  It’s a little old, but still works well.

Limit Login Attempts — Stops “brute forcing,” where a program tries to guess your password by using every word in the dictionary.

Secure WordPress — Patches many of the holes in WordPress.

WP Updates Notifier — One of the main ways hackers break into websites is through outdated plugins. Your web host usually e-mails you about WordPress core updates, but not updates for plugins and themes.  That’s what this plugin does.  Saves you from having to log in to your site every day and check for updates.

Identity Theft

On a related topic is identity theft. Here’s a video from American Greed, which profiles a hacker who stole credit card numbers on a massive scale.

Max Butler, a.k.a “Ice Man.” For more on his story, check out this fantastic article in Wired magazine: One Hacker’s Audacious Plan to Rule the Black Market in Credit Cards.

Video Marketing

A hot topic at the meetup was using YouTube videos to promote your business.

ModCloth YouTube Case Study — One of our members has s a specialty online clothing store, so here’s a relevant example of another brand who did well on YouTube.

Online Video Offers Low-Cost Marketing for Your Company — A New York Times article that profiles several small businesses who found success by making YouTube videos. Fun examples of diverse businesses that sell ceiling tiles, barbecue grills and smartphone parts.

How He Did It: 200 Videos, 200 Days, 500K views with a budget of $2,000 (video) — Antonio Centeno is the founder of ATailoredSuit.com, an online clothing company. He got so many requests for men’s fashion advice that he created Real Men Real Style, a website that teaches men how to dress well.

Centeno spread the word by shooting informational videos. In this interview on The Rise To The Top, he shares his video-making process. Note: the audio is bad, but the content is solid.

YouTube Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs — A blog post I wrote that gathers my favorite resources on this subject.

Outsourcing and Virtual Assistants

Several of our members have used outsourcing and virtual assistants to save time and get more done.

Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing (podcast) — A podcast by AdSense Flippers, two Americans who manage an outsourcing business in the Philippines and build niche AdSense websites.  They’ve got tons of experience.

All About Outsourcing and Virtual Assistants with Chris Ducker (podcast) — In this episode of the Smart Passive Income podcast, online entrepreneur Pat Flynn interviews the owner of an outsourcing company in the Philippines.

Responsive Design (making your website look good on smartphones and tablets)

As people increasingly use mobile devices to access the Internet, it’s becoming more important for your website to have “responsive design.” This means that the website automatically adjusts and resizes itself to display well on any screen.

Brain Dump on Responsive Web Design — This video by Chris Coyier at CSS Tricks explains what reseponsive design is all about.

mysitemyway — A WordPress theme company with responsive designs. Big thanks to our member Anthony for this hot tip!

Themify.me — Another WordPress theme company with many responsive designs.

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