Your business needs to be on the Internet to succeed

Whether you sell lemonade or expensive computer systems, your business needs to have an Internet presence.  People’s first impressions of you won’t be when they pass by your shopfront.  It will be when they see your website, your Facebook page, your Twitter, and so on.

Get plain English advice for how to do business online

Are you tired of complicated tech jargon?  Are you overwhelmed by information overload when you search for answers on Google?  Then this blog is for you.  I regularly gather the best and most useful resources on a topic.  Then I present that info to you in a clear, actionable format.

Who am I?

Marcus Sortijas. Writer, WordPress Specialist, and Member of Oahu Online Business.

My name is Marcus Sortijas.  I’m a writer and WordPress specialist from Honolulu, Hawaii.  I am also a member of Oahu Online Business, a meetup group for people who make money online.  This blog grew out of the tremendous information sharing that happened in our meetings.  Our members are incredibly tech savvy and hold nothing back in explaining what works on the Internet.  I also contributed to the conversations, based on my own extensive research.

I energetically took down notes at every meeting, then wrote detailed recap reports for the group.  The members found the content so useful, they encouraged me to set up a blog to share this knowledge with more people.  The result was InternetSavvyBusiness.com.