Women Entrepreneurs, SEO Gone Gangsta, Gov 2.0 and More

Members invited their friends to Oahu Online Entrepreneurs, which drastically expanded the group. There were so many conversations, I couldn’t keep track of them all! Here’s a small fraction of resources related to those discussions.

Women Entrepreneurs

Do you need to get inspired?  Here are success stories of Girl Power. I’ve put them in order of what stage of growth they’re at, from startup to established company.

Why therapists must build their brands — A woman starts her solo psychotherapy business, but quickly realizes her expensive education didn’t prepare her to market herself. Great article if you’re into personal development, wellness, life coaching, and similar services.

How two women used blogging to launch their sustainable fashion line — Awesome story of entrepreneurs combining their passion and values with a business.

Case study: two moms who each earn $5,000+ per month online –Who says mothers can’t be tech savvy?

Queen of the mommy bloggers makes $30,000 to $50,000 a month — A profile of Heather Armstrong, the woman behind Dooce.com.

Woman sells her web hosting company for $1.1 million — This is the  most dramatic story, but well worth reading. You see her entire journey from apprentice computer technician to owner of her own Internet company.

Financial newsletter for women raises over $2 million in venture capital — An interview with Amanda Steinberg, founder of DailyWorth, a personal finance newsletter for women.

Former magazine writer has her e-mail newsletter acquired by Comcast for $125 million — A case study of DailyCandy, a hip e-mail newsletter for big-city girls. Lots of “behind the scenes” details of how they monetize.

Susan Lynne is turning Gilt Groupe into a billion-dollar Amazon of luxury — What if you had an e-commerce website  so addictive that masses of people literally dropped everything to go shop on it?

SEO Gone Gangsta

Meet a thug who’s at home in the mean streets of the SERPs.

Gaming Google Search Results (podcast) — Gray-hat SEO techniques with Travis Jamison. It’s fun to listen to Travis, but I’d be cautious about implementing his tricks. Here’s an example of what can happen if you get punished by Google — EMD Update: Rolling with the punches.

Gov 2.0

We were honored to have a programmer from Code for America and her colleagues at the Honolulu City & County attend.

To understand Code for America, here’s a TED Talk given by its founder, Jennifer Pahlka. She talks about how apps can connect citizens with their government and their neighbors to help everyone.

Harnessing the Power of Feedback Loops — This Wired article says that progress isn’t made by hacking technology–it’s by hacking human behavior.

High-tech health care in Taiwan — This video explains how a small country in Asia put together a government task force to go around the world to learn what worked and didn’t work in health care. They took the best from each country, applied their techno-savvy and created their own system.

It’s a clip from Sick Around the World, a documentary where a reporter visits five countries to see how they achieved universal health care and find lessons for America.

Picking a Domain Name for Your Website

The effective strategy for choosing right domain names — Good advice from Smashing Magazine, a popular blog for web designers.

Five best domain name registrars — A top 5 list compiled by Lifehacker readers. I use Namecheap and have had good experiences with them.

Virtual Assistants

When your personal assistant is virtual — Case study of a CEO who went with a virtual assistant instead of an in-office one.

Starting a virtual assistant business — While all the hype is about getting cheap outsourced labor from countries like India and the Philippines, there are still clients who prefer to work with native English speakers who are in a closer time zone.

WorkShifting — A cool blog about telecommuting and working remotely from anywhere. It’s run by Citrix Systems, a company that creates networking software.

Photo: Woman working on her laptop. Marta Manso / Flickr.

2 thoughts on “Women Entrepreneurs, SEO Gone Gangsta, Gov 2.0 and More

  1. Ron

    Wow, a guy rapping about SEO? That was very unexpected. But hey, he had a good beat, good flow, and legitimate content.

    Also, I’m very surprised that the Dooce.com can bring in that much money for her. I look a glance at it and the site itself doesn’t look that popular.

    1. Marcus

      Yeah, I thought that SEO rapping video was hilarious the first time I saw it. He has other songs about web design, Internet marketing, etc. I thought “Page Rank” was the most catchy.

      With Dooce.com, I wonder if it could be a case of “The Silent Majority”? Dan Andrews at the Lifestyle Business Podcast uses that label to describe fans who may buy or click on ads, but not comment, tweet or share your stuff. Could be that Dooce has an audience that acts rather than responds.

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