Marketing and Making Mobile Apps, Paid Traffic and Asset Protection

Here’s another meetup recap. Our members talked about marketing mobile apps, buying paid traffic and protecting assets. For further reading on these topics, check out these.

Marketing and Making Mobile Apps

Reaching 10M Downloads, And The Guerrilla Marketing Tactics We Used To Get There – A mobile developer talks about his journey from being a programmer to mobile marketer.

From App Store Newbie to $35,000 in Profit — Similar to the above article, but more focused on the app launch.

iPhone App Development and Marketing Tips (podcast) — In this podcast, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income describes how he outsourced the programming for his mobile app business.

Changing lives and getting paid with niched iPhone apps (podcast) — Also from Smart Passive Income , this time Pat Flynn interviews another entrepreneur as a case study in iPhone app success. The guy makes $15,000 to $20,000 per month (after Apple’s 30% cut is taken out).

As Boom Lures App Creators, Tough Part Is Making a Living — The mobile app business isn’t all billion-dollar sales. This in-depth New York Times story explores the highs and lows of being an app entrepreneur.

What it takes to be an app developer — An addition to the previous New York Times article, about how to get started.

How to Build an App Empire — Extensive walk-through of the process. From the idea to early prototypes to programming.

Paid Traffic

How to Make $1 Million Per Month with Digital Products — The entrepreneur in this article spends a lot of time talking about how he uses paid traffic to drive sales.

Perry Marshall — I’ve heard this guy is a top AdWords expert.

Rick Mulready — He’s a Facebook marketing expert. I liked his old website name better: “I Rock Paid Traffic.”

Tracking Tools

Prosper202 — A free tool for monitoring your paid ad campaigns. It’s self-hosted, which means you need to get web hosting and set it up on your account. Also available as a paid service that comes with hosting.

CPV Lab — A powerful paid tool that serves a similar purpose.

Beyond Hosting — A web hosting company that caters to affiliate marketers.  Their plans include your choice of Prosper202, CPV Lab or iMobiTrax (for mobile ad campaigns).  They’ll install either tracking software for you.

Asset Protection

Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer or accountant, so consult a certified professional before taking any action.

Sovereign Man — Run by Simon Black, this is probably the top blog on this topic.

Flag Theory — If you’re thinking of setting up offshore corporations, bank accounts, etc.

Need an offshore company? These shadowy companies will do it for you — An article in The Economist that looks offshore incorporation industry, naming some of the mysterious companies that practice this.

We set up an offshore company in a tax haven (podcast) — The NPR Planet Money team dives into the world of offshore companies by creating their own.

What can we do with our shell companies? (podcast) — A continuation of the NPR’s story, this time the reporters consult with U.S. attorneys who specialize in international taxation.

He won’t tell you his name, but he’ll help you hide your money (podcast) — Also in the NPR series, the reporters interview a senior executive at a wealth protection firm.

My big fat Belizean, Singaporean bank account — A New York Times columnist opens an offshore bank account to see how difficult it is.

Why Internet business owners should set up in Hong Kong (podcast) — In this episode of The Lifestyle Business Podcast, Dan and Ian talk about how they created a Hong Kong company.

How to set up a Hong Kong Company (Video) — In this video, Nick and Tim from The Elevator Life talk about how they went to Hong Kong to create a company.  They run a wine-importing business in Guangzhou, China.

If you want to learn from the big guys . . .

How Apple sidesteps billions in taxes — A New York Times investigation.

Amazon’s billion-dollar tax shield — Special report by Reuters.

Google revenues sheltered in no-tax Bermuda soar to $10 billion — A Bloomberg report.

Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich — This infographic explains a popular strategy used by big companies to route their money and patents around the world to lower their tax bill.

Photo: iPhone. William Hook / Flickr.